January 23, 2006

Picture Series: Emma in China

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After Emma went to China, I demanded pictures. Soon enough, my email box was flooded with pictures. I have too many pictures now, especially those taken on the few days around her birthday, when her aunt, uncle and grandpa flew all the way from HongKong to Chengdu to see her. It is as if the uncle and aunt was constantly holding a camera in front her, and click, click... Wondering why she never seemed bothered by that, while all celeberities tend to make a fuss. A smile or a frown, a subtle change of angle ... Oh, boy, they really tried to capture every moment about her.

I had a hard time deciding which picture is not good enough to be posted on the web (sure, none of those is professional work, but it is Emma, so none can be bad either).

While I know that there will be a lot more pictures coming on my way (the spring festival, the glorous trip to Hongkong and the famed Disney world), I put together her pictures and put them into 5 categories. Here they are:

  1. Summer Fun
  2. Busy Noisy Autumn
  3. Birthday Girl
  4. I love school!
  5. Winter in Red

Monday, January 23, 2006
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