January 22, 2006

Mr. and Ms. Smith

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It is supposed to be cool and fun. And the one review I read on CNN said it was actually cool and fun. And of course, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the very beautiful people on earth, at least looks-wise. Surprisingly their ever hotter real life romance did not flop the box office, whereas their equally hot predecessors did (remember, Benifer, i.e., Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez? "Gigli". Or Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe and "Proof of Life"? I like "Proof of Life" very much though, I think it is a terrific movie). Maybe box office performance could be some sort of indicators of whether a romance could last or fizzle away ... I read too much celebrity gossip.

Anyway, though I did not rush to theatres for the movie, I was eager to see it on DVD. Yet, 10 minutes into the movie, I was bored. These Pitt and Jolie seem to be too conscious of their cool and suave and humorous side, they try so very hard to make sure you get it. Especially Jolie. She kept her eyes squinted to emit an air of calculated cool. They never forget to play little tricks in the midst of supposedly very intense gunfight or fistfight or whatever, so we know they are totally on top, in control and cool. For example, the movies lingers at least 1 minute on Pitt's peeing before he knocked out Jolie's mud hut with cutting edge tech equipment. And twice in a gunfight, Pitt spends at least two minutes to secure a vase or something so it doe not fall. And the humors, either physical or verbal, to me are stale.

In all, I think the movie Mr. and Ms. Smith is much less interesting than the movie poster, where Pitt and Jolie look improbably beautiful, sexy and cool. The movie is just a boring action sequence made with formula. Next time if I want to see these two pretty people, I would simply glance at the cover of a glossy gossipy magazine.

Sunday, January 22, 2006
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Leo said...

I think the moive is fun. But, not very fun. The style is very similar to Hong Kong action moive.

xun said...

that's why you like it.

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