January 05, 2006

Light days, movie days

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The past few days have been light days. Even the weather has been bland, mild and warm. No sudden rain, or sudden sunshine. Snow is a rare thing. Kind of unexpected. But with gas price getting very high now, we happily turn off heat most of the time, ignoring the weather and doing nothing, at least nothing heavy or important.

At work (after finishing whatever remained on my plate), I feed myself with music, news (CNN, Google) and The New Yorker. At home, after dinner, I feed myself with movies. The last few of them happened to be all foreign movies, not English, not Chinese, but French or Korean or Italian. All of the inserts of the DVDs have glorious highlights of the rave reviews they have received, especially the Korean movie "Oasis". However I found almost each everyone of them disappointing or just so-so. The kind of movie that can not nail you to the seat, the kind of movie I do not bother to set to pause when I frequently felt the need to walk away for water, an orange, or some quick chores.

For the past couple of weeks, I have seen "The Dreamers" (Bertolucci), "Barbarian Invasion", "Oasis", "Bread and Tulip", "But forever on my mind". I would say, "Oasis" is the worst, even though it has the most shocking theme of a love story between two societal outcasts.

Thursday, January 05, 2006
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