January 03, 2006

In 2006, I will ...

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A boy walks on the grass. Drawn on 1/3/2006
On New Year's day, it is supposed to do this bunch of things: go to parties, better stay until you have counted with some anonymous others "4-3-2-1-1" (we got a bonus 1 second for 2005, to keep in pace with some so-called super accurate atom clocks), eat to your heart's desire, send away good-wish cards and gifts, if you can afford, go on a vacation... anyway, just have a holly-jolly time.

It is also supposed to make New Year's resolution. Not mandatory, but a lot of people do. Radio talks about it, newspaper writes about it. It is also in the movies, like "Bridget Jones's Diary".

I know, I know. A lot of people make it, then break it, then feel lousy about it, then forget it.

I hope I can have better luck with mine. I may be able to sail with my first new year's resolution.

In 2006, I will shed at least 15 pounds. I will write and post at least twice a week. I will practice doing sketches more often...

But if I fail any of the above, I will not beat myself.
Emma is coming home. I will spend a lot of time with her. I will take her out to a lot of places, read her bed stories, listen with her a lot of music, and watch with her a lot of kids’ movies. I will play with her, walk with her, sing with her, and draw everything with her. I will cook delicious food for her everyday (I am confident. I have practiced a lot and now I am pretty good at it). Of course I will take a lot of pictures and videos and work magic on them.

I will be a good mom.

Not new year's resolution any more. This I will do in 2006, 2007, forever and ever.

If I failed this, I will beat myself to pulps.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
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Danae said...

You will not fail. You are a great mother

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