January 12, 2006

I want her back

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1 month's gone, two months' gone, then Emma' birthday passed, all sorts of holidays gone by, thanksgiving or Christmas or new year's day, I am still here waiting. I can only hear her voice over the phone, see her pictures or videos, but I cannot see her.

Got a little impatient, a little anxious, a little lost.

Leo's uncle brought back a CD full of videos Leo's family took on Emma's birthday in October. Everything was so familiar at the same time so new. She looks sturdier, taller, cheeks quite full, hair still has the look of unprofessional cut. She always has this sweet smile, and then, she had this brilliant flash of big yet somehow shy laugh. She looks so so happy.

And she becomes so dexterious with her hands. She got a little 4-piece magnetic toy that can be taken apart and then put back together in all free forms. In two minutes, she figured the trick then she had such fun with it. Take it apart, then put together to make a hook, then a half cross, the a long stick with its head dangling down. She keeps saying "Let's do it again."

And my, she is a little genius singing out songs after songs, reciting poems after poems. And she seems to never have mind that about 7 adults are staring at her, she just lean against the sofa, or walk around, or play toys, while doing her poems and songs.

I miss her. While my parents said they would be over soon, they still have not received the documents I sent to them two weeks ago. Feel anxious, impatient, lost.

Thursday, January 12, 2006
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