January 15, 2006

Best Home Video of the year

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Every mother's child is the mother's favorite. She adores every move her child makes, every song she sings, every word she utters, especially when the child is at a tender pink age, when she is totally incapable of being uncute.

I know. A mother probably could never judge her child objectively, cool-headedly. But, despite the possible misjudgement and the tendancy of adding too many exclaimation marks from my point of view, this video that Leo's sister Venus took of Emma really stands out. In the video, Emma, who just turned two, did her trademark singing and poetry-reciting. She did so many songs and poems in such a natural sweet way that is special to children. At the end of the rendition of doing the poem The moonlight by my bed, she dramatically raised her arms and pointed to the sky. Wow!

We unanimously voted the video 2005's best home video and Emma the best performer, singer and poet of the year.

See for yourself. But you have to understand Chinese to know how impossiblely wonderful this is for a child who is just 2 days over two years old.

Emma performing for the family

Sunday, January 15, 2006
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Leo said...

This is a very wonderful video. And it is great that I can watch it on the web. I think the sentence "Every mother's child is the mother's favorite." should be changed to "Every parents' child is the parents' favorite."

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