November 23, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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Each and every Harry Potter books or movies comes out, it comes with a choir of exclamations about its financial magic and how better and darker it becomes yet again. You would be damned if you do not contribute your dollars and your humble opinions, for it is now a "cultural phenomenon", a thing that everyone talks about.

So I paid my due Sunday by walking into a theatre to watch the fourth installment of Harry Potter, "The goblet of fire".

I have to admit, I was not impressed by the first or the second, nor was I taken by the volumes of books.

I have to admit too, that I have already read a lot of reviews before I even watch the movie. All said that it is very "dark" and you probably can sense the hormones in the air.

I found both points (the hormone and the darkness) are true. Except that the wizards' ball is nothing magical (remember the banquet in the first Harry Potter movies? Where thousands of pumpkin laterns lit up the magnificent hall, with the headmaster having silver beard flowing like a fairy? And the food). The teenagers' giggling, blushing, small talk is really much too mundane.

The dark side, the central theme of the movie is much too dark and sinister for a teenager world too. But sure, if you are fighting against the world's biggest devil, you simply cannot have childish benign fights. From there, the movie goes to the category of end of the world and one hero thing...

I studied the characters. I think the growing-up Daniel Redcliff lost his cute elf-kind of boyishness and likableness. From time to time, he looks too angular or square for Harry Potter. Ron's hair looks too shaggy, he is really a teenager boy with too much hormone and crushing idleness and boredom. Harmoine still looks cute. But her make-up and dresses mirror totally the concept of 21st century's beauty, totally this world, totally muggetish.

Whatever. I paid my due.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
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