November 04, 2005

Brownie and small talk

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More and more American VIPs, senators, corporate CEOs or the like, are young or young-looking, good-looking, seemingly competent, smart and important. They talk in volumes, big and deep, funny, smooth and beautiful. Even the spouses. Like Obama Barak, "the audacity of hope", or John Edwards. I am always impressed and despaired by the quality and quantity of good luck they possess. In my company, from the president down to the slew of directors, they all are quite good at talking smooth, funny, sensible and important. I thought all Americans are natural when it comes to talking.

Then the emails of now resigned FEMA director Michael Brown are published. I scanned the pages, since most of the highlights are repeatedly quoted in news everywhere. I found only a few emails from this "brownie", mostly short, mostly small talk, trivial, vain, stupefying...girly. "Tie or not... Button down shirt". "Anything I need to do or tweak?" "Iam a fashion god". What???? Most news decried these as cheap jokes in a time of crisis. I see only idiocy and vanity...

At least I can take solace that not everyone is able to talk big and right, even in a time of crisis, even he/she may be and look like somebody.

Friday, November 04, 2005
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