November 22, 2005

5 months gone!

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It is silly to say "ah, how time flies". But time dose fly.

Snow starts falling, winter has come, along with the number of holidays (cannot help wondering why all the important holidays happen to be in the cold and dark winters).

Five months have gone since Emma left for China. Look back the days even months I spent thinking and rethinking, unable to make a decision, "should I let her go to China?", afraid to meet people's sympathetic eyes, struggling to justify and really try to find the answer, "will it do her good sending her away?", "what if, what if ...", "will it be better that she just stay and I manage...?" I am still a little guilt ridden, in this America, where moms are pushed to perfection to the degree of martyrdom

But, hey, what the heck! She is doing so-ooo good and she is so-ooo happy. She is amazing. She can recite so many chinese poems (my mom said about 10), and sing so many songs. She has grown so much. When she goes to the day care center, she eats without help. The teacher gave her great comments:"She is bright and happy, love singing, playing and going out..." She even gained quite some weight.

Maybe just because she is away that every little progress becom such miracles. When I called her, the one after anothers poems she recited gave me such sweet joy. The every little thing she does all gave me such pride.

Well, it has been surveyed above 70% of moms would always think their children are excellent. I am one of them.

Five months have gone. In another three months, she will be back!!!

Is it really a bad thing to let a baby leave her parents at a very young age for a short time period and let her be taken the best care of? I would disagree now. I know when Emma comes back, I will need some time to rebind with her, but I know I will do just fine.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
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