October 17, 2005

Wonder Girl

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Once again, another month fled away. Summer became fall. Emma's birthday has passed. She became 2 years old already (although she started telling people this about two months ago).

While I squandered my time away (obsessed with some long, long, winding Korean TV series, devouring 10 episodes in one night, ... or simply doing nothing while pondering what to do), Emma has taken up every minute to grow (except her hair which remains short, which Mom chopped it off in cool calm whenever it gets a little long. I need to tell my mom not to ...) Her reservoir of ancient chinese poems has more than 6, her songs about 15, she learned to dance in various forms and beats, she would strech her arms, legs, little waist, or tilt her body or head this way and that way. And most importantly, she is such PR. Polite, happy, courteous, running around as an angel. She greets people with kisses, hellos, and she sends people off in traditional Chinese way. She would say: "Go slow, slow." She learned to put away her toys, little shoes and little jacket ...

Cannot blame everyone that is crazy about her. She is a wonder girl. I hope she can always be like this, grow up a wonderful, wonderful woman. At the very least, better, much better than I am.

Monday, October 17, 2005
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