September 08, 2005

What to say?

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Days go by, life goes on, amid bad news and good news, like weather, like nature itself. They say Katrina may cost as much as 200 billion, but the market is still expanding its happy bullish bubble; some people say "God, get me out of here, I am not back any more", yet some people already packed up to New Orleans to help rebuild and make a pile of money.

What to do? To live in fear or/and trepidation? To look for hope and opportunity in a disaster like this? To throw all the money you have to insure against all possible disasters, catastrophies and accidents? Or go ahead deciding "nah, this is not going to happen to me. Not today, not tomorrow." To believe or doubt? In a disaster like this, should you curse or give thanks?

We People here in Chicago are largely unaffected. We still have the beautiful sun. Leo and I finished the movie for Emma, adding the warm loving "sunshine" tune across every footage. I thank God for giving me Emma and keeping her safe.

Thursday, September 08, 2005
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