September 15, 2005

Sand Castles, Pattern Papers, Cartoons and Clays

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Emma in China
The best part about a library is that it offers a wealth of surprises, new books, a variety of audios and videos, and better yet, it is free. I visit libraries regularly and often. I become a child again, with a child's short attention span, quick shift in interests and insatiable appetite. Like a child, I am drawn to bright happy colors, naughty exaggerated characters and simple accessible ideas.

Last week, I found a few books on sand castles, origami paper flowers, patterned scrap albums, sand castles, cartoon drawings of vehicles, and clay imaginations. Well, I also got a book on bathroom decoration, a few video tapes of Shakespeare plays (last time my target was books on stocks). When I got those books, I looked for things to do for young children, very young children. Like sand neighborhood houses, and sea turtles. Car cartoons made up of boxes, and funny faces. I cannot wait to do these with Emma. She taught me and still teaches me how to have fun.

Thursday, September 15, 2005
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