September 15, 2005

Mid-Autumn Day

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Little Ugly Bear 9-15-2005
Days go by, through a jumble of festivals, memorial days, western or eastern. This week we will have mid-autumn festival, on which day Chinese stores sell moon-cakes at outrageous price. And those moon cakes are filled with all kind of imaginably absurd outlandish fillings, eggs, ham, sea and land critters ... in the spirit of competition.

Day after day news here is still filled with bad news, people dying in hundreds from bombs, airplane crashes, and hurricane disasters. Sometimes you thought if fate deals you one deadly blow then it may spare you from another. But No. They just keep coming, keep hitting on your face, until you become numb, take all the bad news as part of the reality. Who can believe this is America? Sometimes I thought of a nation's fate is much the same as that of a stock, what to bet? Rise or fall, who is to say? Past glory is no guarantee of today's prosperity. In what way history can be our guidance? 10 years ago when we gave up everything, took every risk, and endured all possible hardships just to get to the land of America, who could imagine that now today we would look back at China with wonder, pride, then envy even regret?

Thursday, September 15, 2005
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