August 04, 2005

Another week

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Another week is gone. What is not gone is the sun and the relentless heat and dry air.

Nothing much has happened, as I would forever conclude. Even in the news. I am a news junky, popping into CNN news, Google News, news at least 8 times a day. But I seldom feel much, be there debates between evolutionism and ID (I cannot make up my mind anyway, I definitely do not believe ID, yet what to make sense of the prevalence of God in which I want to believe. Dumb me), be there love declared by celebrities (Pitt and Jane, Angelina and Pitt ..., despite that I always devour these gossip without fail. Boring me.) To me, news is almost like TV or a bad movie, all you need to do is just sit and read/watch like an Idiot. It never causes a stir, unlike a good movie, which is a ride of changing consciousness. It is just a way of killing time (Yet how I pained over the time lost, pained over the fact that I am getting old).

Anyway, anyway.

Anyway, last week I joined Bally Fitness club, since then I have been exercising regularly and hard, hopefully by the time I go back to see Emma, I would lose some weight and be fit. At night, when I am not surfing aimlessly, I study stocks, mutual funds, I wish one day to get a degree of finance, to really have a command of money matters... I go to a church service on Sundays, I wish I could really be touched and accept ...

Thursday, August 04, 2005
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