July 09, 2005

What did she say?

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After running a lot of errands and waiting till 9:30 (so that I could be sure Emma was fully awake on a Saturday morning in China), Friday night I called Emma. I was expecting a long speech from her, instead she gave me three shorter speeches. Her voice was sweet and crisp, a quality that is special to babies. She spoke in a variety of tones, but I could not figure out at all what she was saying. It was like someone faking Chinese. It sounds fluent meaningful Chinese, but it was hard to guess its meaning. I asked my mom what she was saying, my mom laughed and confessed she did not understand. She probably was faking sichuang dialect.

Later I asked my mom, "has Emma had any new development in her language?" My mom said: "oh, yes, she can say some more new things. Like, when she tumbled down, she would say 'mei guanxi' (it is ok). But she does not always know how to use these words. " Yes, I know that, for some days, she would always say "how wasteful" whenever there was a spill.

Saturday night I called Emma again. The first time she was not home, out playing, swinging and sliding. The second time, she was busy eating, she protested and refused to get to the phone. So I could only imagine she ate her delicious fish and other many dishes. She is always a good eater

Saturday, July 09, 2005
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