July 01, 2005

Phone monologue

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We have called home many times. Many times, we overheard mom and dad urge Emma to speak on the phone. But Emma just kept her silence for a good few minutes then handed over the phone to mom or dad.

This Friday (Saturday on the side of China), I called home again. As usual, Emma was promptly put on the phone with me again. Hey, without much delay, she started her monologue, a mixture of mumbling, singing songs, and reciting children's rhythms. She called me mommy a couple of times. As if not enough, she called my name "Xun" and nickname "3 mei". She sang "In this world only mommy is the best", she sang "three little mice", she chanted "little little rabbit, open your door for me, for I want to come in ...", then "little white piggy, little fatty piggy ..." She gave a long speech with a lot of emphasis and much of it I had no way to decipher ... She was loud. She shouted her songs through. But, Hey, Emma, here you go. We can talk now, or at least I can listen to you now on the phone.

Friday, July 01, 2005
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