July 20, 2005

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Oh Emma has been left for a month. In a month, she has become quite savvy navigating the home base of my family. Now she is in Yaan now, doing the same old thing, eating the most nutritious food "fish". (My sister tried to emphasized the goodness and expensiveness of the fish she bought. "It is over 60 yuan a pound. Everything is inflated in China after the 1:8 exchange rate is applied. Still it is very good organic fresh precious fish.)

Emma probably has gained some weight. But she is still shy, not quite easy at other babies' presence. My sister said she never fought. She cried when other babies took away her toys. Is it because of her age? Too young to interact with others? Or is it because of her inherited reticence, never aggressiveness from Leo and me? I tried very hard to break off free from my mold, I dread Emma would have to bear it in her life. ... At least Emma has perfect teeth and beautiful smile.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
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