July 26, 2005

Nanny 911

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It is hard to believe this plump, stern-faced woman who shakes her head constantly and changes her outfit rarely can really make a change in a chaotic family's life. If I were a kid, I would run away from her. While I was watching the program, I got so indignant that I wish perversely secretly the kids would simply protest, disobey and resist the nanny by all their might. No, the kids did not, the mother did. Then on the last day the mother cried and gave in. Then the household got to be run by the nanny. How could she simply drop in and dictate all the schedules and rules to the family? Ok, let there be chaos, let things fall behind schedule, let the 3-year-old pee on the street, the mother be a nightmare ... it was indeed bad enough, but what kind of magic is that a stranger nanny drop into the house out of blue (sure, hired a bunch of reality TV men ...), then in a week there is order in the house, 3-year-old now pees in the bathroom, dad now helps in the kitchen, babies sleep in their own bed ... it is as easy as put utensils in a drawer ... How is it possible in one week a stranger can turn a family into angels just by giving orders and speaking harshly.

This is against all logic, totally fake. Or the family simply played on to get a big fat check or the equvalent ...

Later I went to the nanny website and read some of the posts. I found everyone had only anger towards the mother while totally accepting the 911 magic ... true? I am appalled as much by the mother as by the nanny ...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005
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