July 12, 2005

Chicago Millennium Park

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The millennium park was open to public in 2004. For days since its opening, I
had only the impression of a few giant pieces of
metal with aluminum sheen hanging high in the sky, it was like
a badly assembled pot. I still feel a bit of the same way when I look at it from afar
from aside. I heard a comment saying it was postmodern. Maybe. Another very postmodern
thing in the park is the two giant towers with giant slowly changing animated faces.
What are those faces? They are very real very normal sometimes even very ugly faces.
Mostly they have misterious half smiles. Their eyes slowly, slowly blink at you. I think
I saw them slowly sticking out their pink fleshy tongues. Wierd! Definitely postmordern!

But the Millennium park is a wonderful place.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
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