June 26, 2005

She is in China

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Because of Emma, my sister especially bought a digital camera and she sent me some pictures.

Since Emma left, the only way I got to know how Emma's doing is through telephone calls and sometimes emails from my sister. We called many times and every time we were told that Emma was doing wonderfully, also she seemed to be less shy as she was here. When she met other little toddlers, she would play with them. As usual, she has a great appetite, eating quite a lot and in a wide varieties. She has got a lot of fresh fish to eat. She gets along with my 13-year-old nephew. Still she is closer to my mom.

We all tried to get Emma talk to us. She just held the phone to her ear, not saying anything. I called over the phone: "Emma, Emma, talk to mommy!", "Emma, how are you?", "Emma, you forgot mommy?", "Emma, emma,can you call mommy?" She was always silent. I could hear my sisters and my parents talking to her "hey it is mommy ... say, hello mommy". She would not say. After a while, my sister took over the phone ...

I think I am fine, but I think about her a lot, a lot ... I miss her. I do not know if she really is as good as my parents described. But my mom always says, even when she was here, that Emma is always better when she is not with me. When she was with me, she seemed to be more needy. My mom said every baby behaved this way, it was called something like "sadness with mom."

Sunday, June 26, 2005
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