June 21, 2005

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Emma learns to drawIt is last Tuesday that Emma left us for Chengdu, China. Without her, we got an empty and quiet place. She got a new happy noisy place in China. She got to know her aunts, her cousin, and I am sure, soon enough, my numerous relatives. When she left, she (or my mom) took barely anything, not any toys, clothes or books, for the reasons that 1. it was too hard to take too much luggage; 2. You can buy anything, everything cheaply in China. I know China is a good place where my parents live comfortably in their new apartment, Emma seemed to love China, her new place immediately. I called home a number of times, everytime my parents and sisters reported in excitement how well Emma has adapted. She hardly cried, she smiled all the time, she slept alone now and had this trantion smoothly. She liked her new toys and the playground in front of her building ...

I am both happy and somehow bitter, why, am I just so unimportant and dispensable to Emma?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005
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