June 08, 2005

Emma these days

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Emma strides on the meadowIt is all summer now, with the sun, the heat, the beauty and the restlessness. Emma cannot stand the cold, she got a lot of heat rash.

Emma does not wear clothes, let alone diapers. Quite sometimes, after a bath, she refuses to put on anything. Naked, smiling, her little belly bulged, she walks briskly and happily around. It takes a lot of patience and skills to put her diapers on.

Still summer days are kind to little children. Every day after dinner, when the day is still bright and the wind cool, we take Emma, Emma takes her little green pail and purple shovel, to the lake. It is beautiful to watch the tides rolling, Emma always works hard collecting sand in her pail. She has fun throwing stones into the water. She is always picture perfect.

How I wish every day it could be like this!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005
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