May 23, 2005

TV or not?

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I have been avoid TV for Emma's sake. When Emma was about 3 months old, I heard from radio (NPR) that children who are exposed to TV too early too much would most likely develop ADHD and kids younger than 3 are not supposed to have any TV at all. I was startled and then dutifully followed the advice. Along the way, somehow sometimes neighbors and colleagues dismisses the TV-no-good point. They think TV has its educational value and they give me examples. They sounded also reasonable, but I kept my long-held view that TV is mostly trash and tends to be overstimulating therefore harmful to babies (think of the bombardment of sounds and visuals). Video games are also considered even more harmful, too intense and stimulating.

However recently there came out a book titled "Every bad is good for you", then there are favorable reviews in Time and "The New Yorker" offering serious arguments that popular cultures actually have smarted us up instead of dumbing us down. Video games are so intelligent, complex, compelling that gamers actually benefit from them. Similarly TV plots are so multithreaded, insightful and sharp (talking about good TV only, like the Simpsons), Children actually can learn social skills ...

I do not know. Should I allow Emma or even encourage her to watch TV and play games?

Monday, May 23, 2005
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