May 31, 2005

Three day weekend

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Because of memorial day, we had a three-day weekend. The thought of the time I have at hand makes me exhale in relief. Still Emma sometimes worried that I went to work. She looked around and
cried "Mommy ban-ban (Mommy went to work)..." (I am worried if she could handle the coming year that she has to live without me. I am also worried if she indeed has adapted her life in China, will she forget about me? Will she lose the attachment she has now for me?)

We had a three beautiful day, bright sunshine, tender breeze, lush greens everywhere, perfect for out walking, sightseeing, picture taking, swing and slide. So glad we do not have to be prisoners of winter.

We went out. We did not do much. The first day we went out shopping. Mom and dad and Emma are leaving. So we hunted for something to buy so they would not return empty-handed. It was disappointing since we could not find anything worth taking home. What does America produce except the universal Hamburger? The second day we went out to do laundry, then drove around to get Emma DVDs and books. On the third day, mom, dad and I stayed home in the afternoon while Emma took her long lap, in the morning we took her out to the little park by the lake. We met a little Chinese baby, adopted by an American couple. Emma did not show much interest. My mom and I observed that when Emma was with little babies or younger toddlers, she seemed to be quiet. In the evening, we played in the beach

Tuesday, May 31, 2005
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