May 02, 2005

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Saturday we drove south to MSI. We also made a detour to the univseristy of chicago on our way. The rain unexpectedly started falling, then we only sat in the car while I showed my parents (and Emma) the places once I frequented (in often shifted admirations and doubts). Grass (and trees) was greener on this side of chicago. UC was so beautiful and serene and classy. MSI was an eye-opener, even though I have been there before a couple of times, I felt everything was still so different and exciting. I loved the drawing robots and house-building twin robots. And Emma? She loved cows and phones scattered everywhere. She never failed to pick up a phone and seriously listen to it.

Sunday we went to visit Liu Jin's family at UIC. There we, three generations, 3 babies (age 1, 1.5 and 2), 8 adults, crowded together and chatted. My parents and theirs were talking about visas and taking all these little babies back to China. Emma and Leo played, occasionally together. Leo was the active and predominant one, he raced and jumped from room to room, he offered his skills in reciting poems and reading alphabets, Emma was the gentle, quiet and shy little darling girl. Unlike at home, where she was the center of attention, where she talks a lot and does a million things, here she just quietly watching, tentatively played the varous toys of Leo's. I marvelled at little leo's ruthless energy, but my heart went out to my little Emma.

Monday, May 02, 2005
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