May 10, 2005

MB's birthday party

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Saturday evening, we took Emma to Mary Beth's party (MB looks thinner and pale, tall and elegant). Looking at her stylish and comfortable apartment, I felt bad about my own stripped-outedly less-than-simple apartment. Leo and I simply do not have the enthusiasm or guts to decorate the rooms. We simply do not know how.

Emma felt right at home. She found her little corner where MB kept toys, books, two bottles of playdough and various other things for her and played right away. Somehow she seemed that she had forgotten about Emily, she had some sort of puzzled look when she looked at MB too. As more and more people came and started crowding the place, she walked her way here and there through the crowds, stuffing candies and cookies into her mouth. Later she found a big friend Derby(?), a little girl with blonde hair. So interested by her, she watched her for a long time, later as she got a little more familiar, she laughed and pointed at Derby and kept saying: "baby, how cute!" Her highest form of approval.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
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