May 13, 2005

How Emma goes to sleep every night?

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Emma goes not sleep every night around 10pm (aren't babies supposed to sleep early and get up early?) She sleeps in our bed with Leo and Me (another habit that is so not-good).

A little after 9 pm, we give Emma a bottle of milk. Generally she takes the milk, climbs up to bed, and drinks it all. Then she looks around and sees that there is still light in the living room, where my mom and dad are still busy with something. She quickly gets off bed, goes to the living room and plays various things. We would have to cajole her back to bed with a book or two. Her favorite bed book is a giant book about Peter Rabbit and other animals, like mice, squirrel. She always refers to the book as "mice with cookies". So when she gets back to bed, we starts reading, or she simply quickly turns pages, or she plays peek-a-boo. Then later she would think about her bears, bunnies, babies, she would get off bed again to fetch them. Back with an armful of stuff animals (it often takes her two or three trips), she gently place them in bed, cover them up, or ask me to take care of them, then probably around 10, we turn off the lights and Emma finally falls into sleep.

Friday, May 13, 2005
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