May 04, 2005

Computer and Us

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We have 5 people, 3 generation in the same house/apartment, under the same roof. Each generation has different focus. All of us use computers every day, for Leo and I that was an old die-hard habit, even though I found it less and less interesting. For my parents and Emma, it was a source of forever curiosity. My parents, especially my mom, always asks all kinds of questions, like how you put music there? how you get TV programs out from a computer? What is a floppy disk? How you open a word document? How can I use web browser? Emma's does not ask these intelligent questions, she goes directly into actions. She punches our computers, sometimes dislocating one or two keys out of the keyboard. Leo and I spend quite some time on the computer, reading news and aimlessly serfing. My parents love to read news about China, especially this chairman of chinese national party from Taiwain. Emma loves music, she is always facinated by the pshychodelic kind of varing images generated by Windows Media Player while playing music. I love music too, but I do not know if these kind of images are good for babies.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005
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