April 10, 2005

Blog again!

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Why suddenly I stopped blogging? I do not know. Born laziness is always the convenient reason. Then mom and dad spend most of the time with Emma, taking over most of excitement or bore of babysitting / Emma-sitting, ... so I just contently watch her grow.

Then one month passed. Then Emma turned 18 months old. Such a big baby girl. Then spring truely arrived! We switched to day-time saving days. Days become longer and brigher and sunnier and sometimes hot. Grass becomes green and we quietly wait for trees to get green too. The little tender tree buds at the tip of tree branches! We drive long and far here and there doing chores, shopping or just sight-viewing (then for Emma, that means dozing off most of the time).

She has grown and progressed and hopefully gained weight.

Sunday, April 10, 2005
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