March 07, 2005

To the zoo

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A unusually sunny day. Yeah, think of the past days of cold, days when everybody caught cold then recaught cold from each other, it was like the whole house was full of germs. Even the sky outside of our windows looked ill too.

But now we got this bright sunny day. Sunshine spreaded everywhere. Everyone felt as happy as the sunshine. We even collectively got up earlier. All of us, not just the early-birdie Emma. After breakfast made up of a variety of Chinese, American, adult and baby food (cereal of mixed grain, milk, bread, congee, ...), we set out to the zoo.

Tigers, lions, snakes, flamingos, ... With the exception of monkeys and apes, almost every other kind of animals were as quiet and still as stones, beautiful red stones (flamingos), ugly scary green ones (green snakes), giant brownish stones on top of giant slab of stones (lions)... Emma is the wise one, she mostly only briefly glanced at the various animals, but showed rather great interests in other babies, and sure, food. She relished so much of the piece of dry bread we brought. But to our delight, she sometimes
muttered words like "tiger", "monkey". We headed about in about two hours.

Monday, March 07, 2005
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