February 07, 2005

Stairs of the Art Institute

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The weather is getting warm and the winds were gentle, even though the sky was still gray and kinda gloomy, we set out to act on my plan of visiting all chicago's worthy spots. I want to show my parents that indeed Chicago is one of the world greatest cities, having a lot to show off.

We went to the Art Institute! We toured the rooms after rooms of paintings, soon my parents were burned out, we soon retreated to Chinese arts, to view the distorted portait of Mao Zhe Dong, and various artifacts from various dynasties ... Mom and dad got very sentimental there, commenting a great deal about how Americans have stolen this many things from China ...

Emma was totally unattached to any patrotism. She got very interested in the stairs in the art institute. How wonderful, how exciting, how fun it was to just climb up and down the stairs! What great exercise! Therefore we waited for her patiently, helping her climbing stairs. The Art Institute does have a lot to offer, especially stairs.

Monday, February 07, 2005
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