February 13, 2005

More albums!

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Over 100 pictures in just a month, thanks to her aunt and leo's tireless picture-taking. A pity though, when we take pictures, we take a lot, the same gesture, the same bear-hugging, the same people, the same setting, ... then for a long time, we forget the whole business, we simply go places, talk our small talk ...

Anyway, more albums. Time with her grandma-and-pa, time when she posed like a model, hugging her bears, and time when she just ate and ate and ate, at home or in a restraunt. Eating is probably Emma's forte, she always eats with a terrific appetite, she eats almost everything and anything, she eats often and a lot, yet she is thin and slim, even underweighted! Wow, how enviable!

Emma definitely is getting over her little vomiting and diahierrea. She is an little eating animal now. She sleeps good now. And she know more words now, in English, chinese and chinlish (my parents' little-baked wierd English).

Sunday, February 13, 2005
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