February 24, 2005

Disappeared from my radar

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It is snowing again! White snow like white power in the sky. Little flower buds and tree sprouts are depressed a little. Fortunately there are always ways to get around. Yesterday, Mari from my company brought in two little pots of two little love spring flowers, warmly wrapped in the layers of green thick leaves. Very spring! The winter does get me bored and cold.

The good thing is that Mom and Dad are here. They make good companions. When dealing with Emma, Mom becomes volumable (the right word?) and always in good mood. In return, Emma talks a lot back, in every 10 words, we actually can recognize a few words, like eat, walk, by-by, book and various things she immediately picks up from the last sentence we just said. She talks in a tone that is somewhere in the middle of Mandarin and SiChuan. Very funny. I told mom it is beacause she is an American, all americans speak chinese in that wierd funny tone. Anyway, Emma is a grandbaby now, more so than a daughter. In the morning, she contently eats and calmly by-by me, during the day, she plays joyfully, walking around barefeeted ... Like this, she gradually disappear from my radar

Thursday, February 24, 2005
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