January 20, 2005

Still sick

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Again last night Emma threw up a big pool of things. She still had diahierria. To skittish parents like us, this was really scary. So we took her to see doctors again. To have-seen-it-all doctors, this was just nothing. They said they have seen thousands of babies like this, this may last a couple of weeks, on and off, off and off, as long as the baby was not dehydrated, everything would be all right.

Doctors! Doctors! It is good (?) to have these kind of confident doctors. ... I do not trust doctors. My parents are especially frustrated by them.

Anyway. Leo and I returned relaxed and happy. We bought for baby another few bottles of Pedialyte.

About me? My lazy bones are now itching for work. As for Leo? He got sick, really sick. I hope he can get better soon.

Thursday, January 20, 2005
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