January 30, 2005

MY birthday party

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Emma braved the cold Always thought that I was too OLD to celebrate my birthday. It used to be startling reminder of that one more year had gone. Used to thought that birthday parties are previleges of the young, the powerful, the rich and the vain. Ha, WHAT A THOUGHT! But now everything felt natural. With my parents here, once again I became a child, entitled to the love of my parents, my sisters, Leo's sisters and in-laws, Leo, and Emma, yes, the little charmer Emma.

We went to a Chinese si chuan restraunt, Lao Chi Chuan. We ordered a good many dishes, ate a good deal of food and said a good many wish-your-future-better blah, blah. Emma remained the center of attention. Relatively a new comer, she checked around the restraunt, hardly broke a smile until she had enough of her favorite fish.

Yes, at night, there was the traditional birthday cake and the traditional birthday songs and the not-so-traditional filming. So loud!

So this was MY birthday party! A party that was delayed for years!

Sunday, January 30, 2005
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