November 23, 2004

Wa-wa ...

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Drawing, November 24For the first time, I think, Emma has put spoken words into practical use. Today, all out of blue, she looked at me and said "wa, wa ...". I was a little puzzled, trying to take it seriously, asking her " you want water?" She looked at me eyes wide open, "wa-wa, wa-wa". I took a small glass water, filled it with water to the brim, held it to her, she put her mouth to it, within a minute, she finished that cup! Bravo! Emma.

Later that day, she asked for water again, "wa-wa", I brought her water, she finished it again. No kidding!

Her vocabulary grows bigger, she can say "dumpkin" for pumpkin and she is delighted to see any big yellow pump round thing in her books. She really is keen to books, I wish she take the same interests and pride in walking. No, she still much rather crawl, or hang in my arms.

Sunday I took her to the big chicago museum again. No many babies at her age. Not at all. Then the older kids would nearly always walk away on her. It is hurting. And she is so eager to have friends!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
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