November 09, 2004

Emma's vocabulary

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Drawing, Emma, 11/11/2004 Drew another picture of Emma? Ah, oh, I probably can never draw a baby that even looks like Emma. Still, it is a lot of fun. Actually it is not that hard, some colors here, some colors there, steal some ideas here and there, make sure there is always some hair sticking out ...

I tried to collect Emma's vocabulary as of Nov. 9 of 2004, at the age of 13 months 2 days old. Her vocabulary has two folds. She can sign them as well as speak them. Here they are:

Be-be: baby
Be-..: bear
Ba--: banana (this is funny beacause of the way she put her fingers together)
ball: everything circular is a ball, including buttons, oranges, ...
gar: car
Do..: dog
du..: duck
da-da: dady
Eye: she always poke at our eyes and say ai, ai

She can sign milk, shoes, socks, sleep and eat. She knows book but cannot sign, even though we tried many times to teach her. Sometimes she also says no, or maybe so ...

She cannot walk alone though. I am a little upset. A few days ago, Emma made a few brave steps, walking to and fro from Leo to me. Leo and I got so very excited and kissed all over her, then she went back to crawling ...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
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