July 06, 2004

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Baby Emma and Leo

Proud Parents, curious babies

Taken by the Fourth of July tradition, concerned with possible thunderstorm, we BBQed on the fifth of July instead. A rather windy and sometimes chilly day. Little Emma met Little Leo, the thirteen-month-old son of my friends Liu Jing and Li Hui. Neither of them is old enough to be interested in each other. To babies as young as they are, adults, especially parents are much more reliable and fun. Therefore, Emma spent most of time in my arms, likewise, Leo spent most of time playing with his mom and dad. Such a wonder, he has fully mastered the art of walking and crawling. It was quite hilarious that he chased the balls. Emma got some catch up work to do, but of course, she is five months younger. But she was somehow more fussy than usual, we suspect that it was because teething made her so. There are two more teeth coming out.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004
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