May 03, 2004

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Took her to see the doctor in the afternoon. Below is the summary:

Weight: 16 lbs 1 oz. A little underweight.
Height and head size are good. Hearing and eyes are good.
We need to talk to her more.
Sometimes she seems to shiver, or shudder for a split of a second. It is ok.
Babies sometimes do that.
Sleeping habit: it is ok that she still sleeps with us. But the doc seemed
to suggest that it is better if she sleeps in her own bed and start
behaving like a big girl. That is, not have to be rocked into sleep.
Should go to sleep while awake.
It is ok for her to have regular 3 meals a day.
The following food should only be added at the age indicated below:
Citrus food at age 1
Eggs, fish, honey at age 1
Wheat at age 1
Penuts at age 3

Last night, I tried to put Emma in her little pink bed while she was
still awake. She looked at me with eyes-wide open, wondering, but
successfully went into sleep without much trouble. But later, she
woke up crying regularly at 1-hour interval. Finally I gave up,
put her to sleep with us and fed her. She went into sleep.

Monday, May 03, 2004
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