May 12, 2004

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Today she is extremely happy and hyper. Jumping, pushing herself up, walking (while we held her hands). She also have had a lot of food, juice and water. Yes, water, directly from her little glass jar. She loves cucumber. We cook cucumbers very soft and give some to her. Then she would hold it, bite it bit by bit, before she drops it somewhere. Leo took her to the baby musuem, he said she was very interested in the little chicks. Staring at them, tapping at the glass box, she spent quite some time just watching the chicks. Of course, she made a lot of "music". She also would not forget eating the drum sticks or whatever. But she did not eat the grass. Today Mary Beth said she took Emma walking on the lawn, she pulled some grass but she did not put it in her mouth. That is intelligence!

Today it rained, and the air was very cool and fresh. I think that contributes to Emma's beautiful skin today. Oh, yea, seems that she was very curious about the rain. In the car, she watched the rain drops, very interested

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
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