May 09, 2004

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Today it is such a sunny and beautiful summer day. Emma looks all right again. She actually started getting better yesterday evening, around 8 pm, when she started taking food and some soup. Yeah, after one night good sleep, after some breast milk, this morning around 10 am, she woke up and gave me a sweet smile. She is her usual self again.

We took her to Ruth's, mary beth's friend. Ruth has a breathtakingly beautiful apartment. It has a deck overlooking the wide-spread lake of Michigan. Emma was not impressed by the beauty of the lake, though, either because of the sunshine that was a bit too strong, or because of all the strangers that walked and chatted around her, she cried easily there. She did seem to like the piece of ham we put in her hand. Chewing ham is fun, actually feeding herself is fun. This afternoon I gave her half of a peeled apple, she then held to her mouth and took great effort trying to eat it. Otherwise, she does not seem to have appetite for anything. She is not gaining much weight lately. I am worried she cannot get enough food to sustain her mental and physical development.

She probably will grow up slim, and hopefully tall.

Sunday, May 09, 2004
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