May 19, 2004

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Sort of don't know what to say. Daily routines, the same old things. But not with Emma! Even with a new baby, where everything is fresh, right from the beginning. She really can babble now, by any standards, by any ears. She even cries with her newly minted consonants, ba-ba, wa-wa-wa, ... It is funny. It is very expressive, you can tell that she is saying things, only you cannot tell what the things are that she is saying. Smile. My heart achs, full of love, tender love for her.

I now have a bad habit, to think many things in terms of emma. I went so far that I created a bunch of user accounts, with user name being Emma. It sounds much better, much better than xun. I wonder why I never gave myself an English name like many chinese do. But now I am assuming emma's name.

Last night, we rearranged the bedroom. We probably have done this a dozen of times, since Emma is born. Ha, we are like the sneechs on the beach. Stars, on again, off again ... We pulled the cabinets and the desk out.

She got a new crib sunday. And she starts sleeping on her bed alone.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
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