May 27, 2004

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She went to the musuem again. Leo and her. They watched little little chicks. They even saw a little chick just about to break through the egg and out to the world! She played, crawled in the baby section. Then she played drums while checking around her.

When I got home Leo announced that Emma indeed has a tooth. He can feel it, and he saw it. Later I saw the tiny white thing on her gum, just a tiny little bit. Wow, I do not even see her drool or feel her being overly fussy ... but she started using pacifier! We think she went backwards.

She can crawl, now indeed. Put her on the floor, face down, she can use her hands and knees, do a quick 360 turn. It is amazing. Watching her on the floor, rocking up and down on her knees in an effort of going forward, I was just amazed.

She had quite some chicken today. Leo said she needs the calcium. She is getting used to sleep through most of the night in her crib now.

Thursday, May 27, 2004
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