May 23, 2004

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Out in the buggy. It was a little cold and windy.
Play on the grass. We put her playmat out, then put her in. We took a few pics.
Some rice cereal. A short nap.
She played peek-a-boo with MB. The cute thing was that she knew how to take off the cloth behind which MB hid then both of them laughed.
She also quickly learned to jump up and down in the homemade swing MB made for her.

We took her out to shopping.
She had some breast milk and cucumber. At dinner time, she had a bit of chicken soup.

Oh, she got a tooth, or some teeth. When she drank from a glass cup, we heard some tinkering (?) sound, like ice gently taps a glass cup. Clear, crisp. Leo said there was something very hard on her gum. But we cannot see the little white pearl in her mouth yet.

Today I put together her pictures of the past two months and post them on line. I can never see enough of the pictures. She is such a cute and beautiful baby.

Sunday, May 23, 2004
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