May 28, 2004

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Friday again. Yeah, Friday again. Then I will have two days of my own, two days of Emma and me, emma and me and leo ... Even better, there is a memorial day after Sunday. So I got three days. Whoever comes up with the two-day-weekend idea is a great guy. God does nt work on Sunday, he does not know that he should not work on Saturday either. Anyway, anyway, I am no religious ... anyway, anyway ...

Emma has reached another milestone. She can wave bye-bye one. This is really a sign of intelligence. She is always a people's person, she likes to be around with people and now she can please them even more, she can wave bye-bye. Another thing is that, yesterday, leo played with her, he pointed at him saying Leo, then pointed at Emma saying Emma. Then Emma used her finger to point Leo.

Friday, May 28, 2004
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