May 14, 2004

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Another forgettable day for me. But emma seemed to have had a good day. When I went home, she was sleeping and everybody else is running around. Duranny, Mary Beth, Leo. Later Roger showed up. Yes, we are living in a big (population-wise) and complicated household ...

Anyway, everyone told me a bit of "exciting news" of her. News about her is always how she eats, sleeps, shits, plays, it is always about her skin, her strong fleshy legs, her talking or not talking, her walking ... So she went to her musuem, her second home, she watched chicks with a lot of interests, she played drums, she used her sticks to hit the wooden music blocks on the wall, ... Mary Beth told me how intelligent she is. They were standing outside, looking at dogs, people, green grass and trees, and Mary Beth named all the things for her, then she asked "Where is daddy?" She was just immediately radiated with big smiles and looked at Leo's direction! Wow!

I bought her Tri-vi-sol, she does not like the flavor of poly-vi-sol, but she is fine with this.

Friday, May 14, 2004
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