April 10, 2004

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Today we have a few things to do: tax, grocery shopping, house work, blogging, one on line test ... There are always a lot of things to do. I do not know why I cannot feel the urgency, the pressure. Compromises ...

Yesterday was again a busy day for her. She was out to shopping in the morning with Mary Beth, who bought a dozen baby jars of baby foods for her, such as carrots, peaches, beans, etc., baby juice, and soy-based milk, a "beany?" toy. She was tricked to lie on her stomach for about twenty minutes. Mary Beth said, if she had a junky glossy magazine to tear she won't mind too much lying face down. In the afternoon, Leo took her out to the lake, they had a lot of fresh air, the wind, the views of the lake in early spring. She ate a lot, yesterday, a jar of carrots, yogurt, and something else. Milk too. She sang with Mary Beth, by singing, we mean she "yi-ya"-ed along with Mary Beth.

She really can make a lot more sounds now. Her talks have the authentic flavor of talking.

Yesterday on my way to work, I was think what I really want her to be. My conclusion is that nothing special. But I do want her to be great, not having to be frustrated with mediocr-ness of her own throughout her life, like I do. I want her to be something talented. But yet, talent is not a thing I can cultivate. So we have to just clench our teeth, cross our fingers to wish, yes, good luck, talent, good things happen to us.

Saturday, April 10, 2004
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