April 11, 2004

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Today is Sunday. Xun and I brought Emma to the lake around 11:30am. We stayed for a while and then went back home because the weather is a little bit cold. After home, xun perpared her beef nodles which she learnt from a cook book. The tast is wanderful. We have a good lunch today.

Emma can eat more now. She is about 16lb now. Whatever I put into her month, she will taste it or eat it. She likes to eat the dinner table, chairs, books, keyboard, her toys, my hair...... Sometime, she likes to tast her fingers, sometime tastes mine. She never stops.

About my program, it is getting better. I can use my voice to control some of the computer programs. For example, if I say " open explorer", the computer will open the explorer window for me. If I say "minize all", all the windows on the desktop will be minizies. Now, I want to write a program to have a little bit conversation with the computer, and thinking how to apply this technique to Instant English.

Sunday, April 11, 2004
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