April 18, 2004

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Today is Sunday. About 1:30am, I successfuly finished my Speech Tic-Tac-Toe online. It is second millionstone for me in using speech technology.

In the morning, about 9am, I got up with a heavy running noise. When I saw Emma, she was very cute with her short hair that made me almost forgot what was happening Yesterday. Yesterday morning, Emma falled down from a hight chair but she is fine. In the afternoon, we went to children's musimum. At night, we had a good dinner: a cake made by Mary Beth, some dishes made from Xun. They were all dilicous. Yah, it was my birthday. Life is wonderful, sometimes.

I dicided to do flower planting this morning. Two months later, Emma can see some beautiful flowers outside the window. In the afternoon, I washed my car, fixd the mirror for Emma, went to Evanston library to return CDs. A little bit tired. In the evening, we had chicken nodles for dinner. Mary Beth was talking about her ten-years-work which haven't had a big success yet. Xun was talking about her job. She haven't got a better job yet. Me? Haven't had a job yet. Emma? Haven't talked yet. Life is strugging, sometimes.

10:30pm now. After writing this blog, i need to read some news and think about online dictionary.

Sunday, April 18, 2004
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