April 07, 2004

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Today Emma is six month, half a year old. She would not look different from yesterday. When I go home this evening, she would not ask me for birthday present, I am sure and relieved, because I do not have a present for her.

I strayed ... right, she would not look different from yesterday, but she looks so much different from the day she was born. How babies grow! Every month, she outgrows her clothes, socks, stockings, shoes, diapers, even bibs. How she has changed! She kept her eyes tightly shut until she was two weeks old. The first month, she had trouble sucking milk from my breast. But now, she can sit, stand up, roll, smile seductively, grab, feed herself a celery stick. She can cry, sure, from day 1, but now she cries for a purpose, she has her cry of demand ...

Wednesday, April 07, 2004
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